Hard Board Work Bench
Hard board work bench tops are economical and durable for maintenance applications of all types. 
Select a size suitable for your application and then get ready for the optimal work bench

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Hard Board Work Bench
The Hardboard Work Surface

The hardboard top is 1 3/4 thick and provides an excellent work surface. The top and bottom are 3/16 hardboard. The core edge is glued with clear hardwood bands sealed with catalyzed varnish.

The Sturdy Steel Base
Legs feature double electrical knock outs front and rear.
Available in adjustable leg models.
All steel components receive a three stage Pre-Treatment Process for increased durability of the hard baked enamel finish.
Style D work bench features a smooth gliding fully enclosed steel case drawer.

Includes Top, Legs & Stringer Includes Top, Legs, Stringer & Shelf Back Includes Top, Legs, Stringer, Back & End Stops, Shelf Includes Top, Legs, Stringer, Riser, Drawer, Back & End Stops, Shelf
Size D x W Height Catalog No. Wt. (lbs) Catalog No. Wt. (lbs) Catalog No. Wt. (lbs) Catalog No. Wt. (lbs)

HARDBOARD TOP - Adjustable Leg

30 x 60 29 - 33 WBA3060HBA 102 WBB3060HBA 124 WBC3060HBA 102 WBD3060HBA 124
36 x 60 29 - 33 WBA3660HBA 138 WBB3660HBA 160 WBC3660HBA 138 WBD3660HBA 160
30 x 72 29 - 33 WBA3072HBA 116 WBB3072HBA 143 WBC3072HBA 116 WBD3072HBA 143
36 x 72 29 - 33 WBA3672HBA 150 WBB3672HBA 177 WBC3672HBA 150 WBD3672HBA 177

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